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The two days of conferences, panels, workshops and meetups we had since 2016 are this year transformed into a set of “à la carte” online interactions, in partnership with FGSR, IPDA and FANDE, the organizers of Readmagine in Madrid.

This Online Edition of the Digital Publishing Summit and Readmagine is a free event. It is also much more than a set of independent webinars (more details below the registration form).

Free Registration

More details about the event

It is composed of several elements:

  1. The Swapcard event application which helps participants managing their attendance to the different sessions and mimics (as much as possible) interactions between attendees of a real-life event.
  2. Content published in advance via the even app, so that participants can “be aware” of the context of each session they are interested in.
  3. Live streaming sessions during the event (15 to 20 sessions, one hour each), with textual interactions between the panelists and the audience.
  4. Recorded sessions for those who missed a live session.
  5. Debrief sessions after the event, i.e. interactive sessions targeting the publication of a position paper about an important topic discussed during one or more sessions.

Sponsors are more than welcome to this online event, as they bring to EDRLab a part of the subsides the lab needs to develop open-source software tools and open standards for the publishing industry.

A second part of Readmagine 2020 and the Digital Publishing Summit 2020, called the Boutique Edition, is planned during the last week of November in Madrid, subject to the possibility to travel in Europe during the fall. This one- or two-days meetup will be the opportunity to conclude on the position papers written during the debrief sessions, and to participate in hands-on workshops on software and tools presented during the online sessions.

Several EDRLab members have submitted the idea to present in webinars the current evolution of their projects or products. We’ll accommodate that desire via the organization of an additional set of webinars in May, with a planning promoted via the even app of the Digital Publishing Summit. Stay tuned.

Archived events

This will be the fifth iteration of our yearly event. The previous events were held in Bordeaux (2016), Brussels (2017), Berlin (2018) and Paris (2019).

You can still check:

the wrapup of the 2019 event and complete program, with links to the slides and videos.

the wrapup of the 2018 event and complete program, with links to the videos.

the wrapup of the 2017 event and complete program, with links to the videos.

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