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LCP effectively protects your content from illegal sharing

LCP is a secure technical protection measure (aka DRM) that protects EPUB, PDF, audiobooks and comics in Divina format.
Digital publications are protected using a powerful encryption algorithm (AES-256), which is approved by European and U.S. government organizations, among others. And each publication is encrypted with a different key, which prevents mass decryption of a catalog if one decryption key is discovered.

Abusive sharing of protected publications is controlled by a license revocation system, triggered by the activation of the same license on an abnormal number of devices. This system can be fine-tuned by the LCP license distributor.

The activation and deactivation times of each license are of course controllable, as this is required for library use. It is also possible to limit the number of characters that can be copied and the number of pages that can be printed during the lifetime of the license.

This is a particularly ergonomic solution for readers

LCP enables independent booksellers and public libraries to offer a user experience as simple as that offered today by the major U.S. proprietary platforms. It is an essential building block for a better balance between these platforms and the offerings of independent bookstores.

With LCP, there is no need to create an account with a large american software maker: the user simply needs to enter an easy-to-remember password (the “LCP key”) to access a DRM-protected work from the software or reading device of his choice. The number of LCP-compatible reading software and reading devices is increasing month by month.

Changing smartphones every 18 months is no longer a problem, since LCP offers flexible control over the use of each license, not rigidly limited to 6 devices for the life of the license.

This DRM preserves the accessibility of digital books

LCP enables blind and visually impaired people, who use screen readers on PCs or mobile devices, to access the text content of books without any problem. LCP will also eventually equip certain specialized devices (voice tools or Braille).

In doing so, LCP meets the requirements of national legislation transposed from the EU Accessibility Directive, which will come into effect in 2025 and requires, among other things, that technical protection measures do not block the accessibility of digital reading functionalities. This should seal the fate of the DRM most widely used to date by public libraries and independent publishers, since this DRM does not comply with this obligation.

LCP is being implemented worldwide

LCP is now used worldwide (Europe, U.S. and Asia). It is supported by an international non-profit organization, EDRLab. It is also today the only internationally standardized DRM, since the LCP specification has recently been published on the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) website as technical specification 23078-2.

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