In 2022, three seats are to be renewed: those previously occupied by Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks), Rémi Bauzac (Vivlio) and Arnaud Lecompte Nord Compo).

Self-nomination period: May 25th to June 10th 2022.

Voting period: June 14th to June 28th 2022 at midnight.

By our bylaws, any member in good standing is eligible to self-nominate a representative. Current or past members of the Board of Directors can re-apply for a new period of two years.

We received five self-nominations for this election, which demonstrates the vitality of our association: 

  • Marion Berthaut (Mobidys)
  • Stéphane Michalon (ePagine)
  • Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque)
  • Rémi Bauzac (Vivlio)
  • Arnaud Lecompte (Nord Compo)

Marion Berthaut (Mobidys)

Dear EDRLab members,

As founder and CEO of MOBiDYS, I would like to offer my candidacy as a Readium Board of Directors member.

I created MOBiDYS with one purpose: to provide all children experiencing reading difficulties with accessible books.
To that end, we invented an enrichment of the Epub3 format called FROG, which is meant to enhance each book with a set of AI-based tools designed to ease children’s reading process such as audio synchronisation, implicit enhancement, display clearance, etc…

Over 500 books are now available in Epub3 FROG format which can now handle multilingual versions (French, English, Italian, Spanish, …).
Thanks to this format, we are able to adapt any kind of book… to empower each one to read.

With this application, EDRLab will benefit from MOBiDYS’s expertise with cognitive accessibility to expand on 2025 accessibility.
I will be pleased to share my experience and help build an inclusive society.

Best regards,
Marion Berthaut

Stéphane Michalon (ePagine)

Dear EDRLab Members,

From 2008 to 2021, I was responsible for the development of ePagine, the French distribution platform for independent booksellers.

I have the honor to present my candidacy for this mandate as Director of Operations and Human Resources of ePagine and Tite Live. ePagine, a subsidiary of Tite Live, has been working with EDRLab since its creation, for the development of the LCP DRM.

I am a candidate with the aim of contributing to strengthening our distribution of all of EDRlab’s work through the bookseller network, on the ground and on the web, and to all the developers who work for these booksellers.

In March 2017, during the EPUB SUMMIT in Brussels, ePagine was one of the first companies to demonstrate a compliant EPUB/LCP service in a beta version.

In February 2018, after being certified Readium LCP compliant by EDRLab, ePagine launched the production version of its LCP platform.

In 2022, Tite Live – ePagine is providing a fully LCP compliant website CMS for 1110 independent booksellers, mainly in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

For several years we have been working with EDRLab on the subject of accessibility (metadata display) and digital audio books (distribution and ePagine web radio).

I believe that my experience of 30 years (Virgin, Arbre à Lettres, ePagine) can benefit an EDRLab that has faith in local bookstores and their strong influence in our urban communities.

Through my candidacy, EDRLab will be able to benefit from the real experience of Tite Live – ePagine to work with independent booksellers of all sizes for the best deployment of LCP and digital reading via their network.

Best regards
Stéphane Michalon

— Version française —

Chers Membres d’EDRLab,

De 2008 à 2021, j’ai été responsable du développement d’ePagine, plateforme française de distribution des libraires indépendants.

J’ai l’honneur de vous présenter ma candidature pour ce mandat en tant que Directeur des Opérations et Ressources humaines de ePagine et de Tite Live. ePagine, filiale de Tite Live, travaille avec l’EDRLab depuis sa création, pour l’élaboration de la DRM LCP.

Je candidate dans le but de contribuer à nous renforcer dans la diffusion de l’ensemble des travaux d’EDRlab dans le réseau des libraires, en ville et sur le web, et de tous les développeurs qui travaillent pour ces libraires.

En mars 2017, lors de l’EPUB SUMMIT de Bruxelles, ePagine a été une des premières entreprises à effectuer une démo d’un service conforme EPUB/LCP en version bêta.

En février 2018, après avoir été certifiée Readium LCP compliant par EDRLab, ePagine a lancé la version de production de cette plateforme LCP.

En 2022, Tite Live – ePagine amène un CMS de site Web full LCP pour 1110 libraires indépendants principalement en France, Belgique, Pays-Bas et Suisse.

Depuis plusieurs années nous travaillons avec EDRLab sur les questions d’accessibilité (affichage des métadonnées) et de livre audio numérique (distribution et webradio ePagine).

Je crois que mon expérience de 30 ans (Virgin, Arbre à Lettres, ePagine) peut profiter à un EDRLab qui fait le pari de compter sur les librairies et leur rayonnement en profondeur dans nos communautés urbaines.

Par ma candidature, l’EDRLab pourra bénéficier de l’expérience réelle de Tite Live – ePagine à travailler avec les libraires indépendants de toutes tailles pour le meilleur déploiement de LCP et de la lecture numérique via leur réseau.

Hadrien Gardeur (De Marque)

Dear EDRLab members,

At De Marque, we believe in diverse ecosystem for digital publishing, one where local players work together to create global solutions.
For all of my carreer, I’ve dedicated myself to building a better infrastructure for digital publishing:
– with open-source projects like Readium Mobile/Web,
– standards such as EPUB, OPDS and LCP,
– and communities like EDRLab, W3C and Readium.
EDRLab plays a key role in the digital publishing landscape, driving innovation in accessibility and reading, while maintaining critical components of our ecosystem such as Readium LCP and Thorium.
As a board member, I will continue to dedicate myself to that vision :
– by focusing on accessibility for all books with new tools and recommendations, our most ambitious goal for the upcoming years;
– through our current efforts on Readium Web, a project that will make it seamless to read any publication on any device;
– by driving the evolution of Readium Mobile to encompass brand new form factors and platforms, such as foldables or Chrome OS;
– with a continued involvement in W3C and Readium, actively participating in key discussions about standards and open-source;
– and through technical guidance and shared knowledge of international markets such as Europe (France, Spain, and Italy) as well as the Americas.

Best regards,
Hadrien Gardeur
Chief Product Officer at De Marque

Rémi Bauzac (Vivlio)

Dear EDRLab members,

As head of Engineering team at Vivlio, I am herewith officially applying to continue serving EDRLab on its board of directors for the upcoming term. I hope to have already served this adventure up to the expectation, and continue to do that.
Vivlio has been collaborating with EDRLab since its creation, especially on the LCP DRM. Four years ago, we launched our As-A-Service LCP server, distributing 50 million LCP licenses per year worldwide, and we wish to continue to expand the possibilities of this DRM, especially on the subject of web reading security.

With this candidature, EDRLab will be able to benefit from Vivlio’s practical experience in the deployment of LCP with e-reader or mobile applications.
In addition, I am convinced that my 20+ years of experience in security, software and systems can greatly benefit EDRLab in general.

I will be particularly pleased to enhance the relationship between EDRLab and Vivlio, which will benefit the entire digital book industry.

Best regards
Rémi Bauzac

—— Version française ——

En tant que responsable de la R&D chez Vivlio, je présente ma candidature pour continuer à servir EDRLab dans son conseil d’administration pour le prochain mandat. J’espère avoir servi cette aventure à la hauteur de ses espérances, et pouvoir continuer à le faire.

Vivlio collabore avec l’ERLab depuis sa création, notamment sur le sujet de la DRM LCP. Nous avons lancé il y a 4 ans notre serveur LCP as-a-service, distribuant 50 millions de licences LCP par an à travers le monde, et nous souhaitons continuer a développer cette DRM et son écosystème, notamment sur les sujet de protection de la lecture web.

>Avec cette candidature, EDRLab pourra bénéficier de l’expérience pratique de Vivlio dans le déploiement de LCP avec ses liseuses ou ses applications mobiles.
De plus, je suis convaincu que mon expérience de plus de 20 ans dans le domaine de la sécurité, des logiciels et des systèmes peut grandement profiter à EDRLab en général.

Je serai particulièrement heureux de pouvoir renforcer encore un peu plus la relation entre l’EDRLab et Vivlio, qui profitera sans aucun doute à l’ensemble de l’industrie du livre numérique.

Arnaud Lecompte (Nord Compo)

Dear EDRLab members,

As a representative of Nord Compo Multimedia, I would like to offer my candidacy to be renewed as a Readium Board of Directors member. Nord Compo has been deeply involved with the Readium Foundation from the beginning, and we would like to assist on the board on all matters, especially by promoting the eBook standard across our extensive network of partners and customers across Europe and North America.

Nord Compo joined EDRLab because we are sure that, to ensure a level playing field, ePub should and will be the universal standard for digital publications. We intend to continue to contribute long-term to the association in support of the mission to accelerate the adoption of ePub 3 and open web standards in digital publishing. Readium is an ecosystem centered around the ePub format, with a variety of standards and open-source projects.  Readium is also the future of the reading experience. That’s why we would like to leverage the impact of ePub 3 and promote Readium as the key reference source for digital project implementation in book publishing, and promote Readium technology to empower publishers of all sizes.

With 50 years’ experience working closely with book publishers, distributors and libraries, we have both deep publishing and technological perspectives on the book/ebook market and reading/digital reading experiences. I have and will continue to represent these sensibilities and experiences as part of the governance of EDRLab. I humbly ask for your vote, and if elected I will again serve you with integrity, energy, and passion.

About Arnaud Lecompte

For the past ten years, I have been the Director of Digital Services and of International Business Development at Nord Compo Multimedia, managing the department responsible for the creation of enhanced ebooks and apps, ebook conversion, XML structuration and the development of ebook reading tools. I’m also in charge of the audiobook production department. In this capacity, I have been a forceful proponent of open standards and a major contributor to the effort to establish EDRLab in France. My responsibilities extend to overseeing efforts to develop business in North America, working with partners such as Pottermore, Ingram and Overdrive. Prior to Nord Compo, I worked as a publishing manager, improving a technical publishing houses’ digital strategy (Labor, Tissot).

Created in 1972, Nord Compo is the largest ePub provider to French language publishers and a major supplier of epub services to publishers and distributors on six continents. The company enjoys a leadership role in the XML structuring field, providing its own DTD, which has been approved by the French National Book Center as the reference for French language content. Nord Compo is also developing editorial databases and reading tools using Readium. With 500 collaborators worldwide, Nord Compo structures more than 15,000 new titles and creates over 12,000 standard and enhanced ePub per year. Its headquarters are in Villeneuve-d’Ascq, in northeastern France.

Best regards
Arnaud Lecompte

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