ePagine, the French distribution platform of independent booksellers, and an EDRLab member, had been one of the first companies to demonstrate an EPUB compliant service in beta during the EPUB Summit 2017 in Brussels.

This week, ePagine, has launched the production version of this platform, after being certified Readium LCP compliant by EDRLab. On http://lcp.epagine.fr,  one can get free EPUB ebooks, or buy one, and enjoy reading the publication on the first LCP compliant reading application on the market, Lis-a by Art Book Magazine.

Note that the LCP license server ePagine put in place is based on the readium-lcp-server open-source codebase that EDRLab has developed for easing the integration of Readium LCP in distribution platforms. Thanks to Stefaan Nemegeer, from ePagine, for his help in fixing some issues on the server code: this is how open-source projets should go.



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