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GAAD took place on May 16 2019. wrote a good post for the occasion, a “publisher’s toolkit” in which Sarah Hilderley has put together some ideas to help you organize something in your own company this year.

So, what is EDRLab doing these days for Accessibility and Accessibility Awareness?

First, we are working on our Thorium application to make it properly accessible (keyboard navigation, screen reader compatibility). This application is based on the open-source Readium Desktop toolkit, works on Windows, MacOS and Linux, it is LCP compliant, and it will be presented at the Digital Publishing Summit. And we are also working on the accessibility of our R2-reader Android test application.

Then, we are finalizing the organization of the Digital Publishing Summit, where several sessions should raise Accessibility Awareness among the audience. We’ll have the pleasure to welcome as speakers: Avneesh Singh (DAISY Consortium, on standards),  Fernando Pinto (DAISY France, on accessible apps), Mattias Karlsson (Dolphin, on accessible apps) and Luc Maumet (EDRLab, on EPUB & dyslexia).

Now you: is there in the inclusive publishing paper an initiative you want to drive tomorrow?


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