EPUB Summit 2017 speakers

For the second EPUB Summit, we asked speakers from Europe, Canada and the US to prepare new talks and food-for-thoughts.

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Photo Clément Laberge

Clément Laberge – Remolino

What is the vision that guides us in the development of e-libraries? What are the main challenges we face and decisions required for achieving this vision? Based on the pretnumerique.ca experience, Clément Laberge invites us to a re-think about innovation.

Entrepreneur in the fields of education, culture and technology for more than twenty years, Clément has participated in the development of the largest e-book distribution platforms in Quebec, France, Italy and Spain. He also played an important role in the development of pretnumerique.ca, a platform used by the majority of Quebec public libraries.

After co-founding two companies, he was director of digital development for Éditis, then vice-president and general manager for De Marque, and is now an independent consultant.

Sophie Vandepontseele – Royal Library of Belgium

The Royal Library of Belgium ensures the preservation of the Belgian edition through legal deposit. Is the EPUB format suitable for the preservation of digital publications? Will the evolution of publishing standards guarantee long-term quality conservation? These are today the challenges that the Royal Library of Belgium wishes to share with the different actors and promoters of EPUB..

Sophie Vandepontseele is currently Director of the Contemporary Collections of the Royal Library of Belgium. One of the objectives of the operational Direction “Contemporary Collections” is to develop and guarantee the access to contemporary collections including the legal deposit.

After having worked as the Head of the “Archives and Documentation” department of the War Victims Directorate General of the FPS Social Security where she developed several projects in the field of heritage digitisation and document management, Sophie Vandepontseele joined the ‘NoVo’ project management team (PMO) of the FPS Social Security where she was responsible for managing the problem of paper archives in the framework of the relocation of the FPS in a paperless environment. In the spirit of the ‘NoVo’ culture change, she also took over the management of the Library of the FPS Social Security with as the main objective its transformation into a powerful tool that meets the needs of its users. Sophie Vandepontseele’s specialties are information and document management, including the development of heritage digitisation projects, records management and analysis of user needs.

Laurent Le Meur – European Digital Reading Lab

Readium open-source software is the best companion of EPUB, it’s reference reading engine. Now that publishing and web experts work together on a future PWP standard, what will be the role of Readium in this new situation?

Readium LCP is now ready for launch, and e-lending libraries are ready to use it. What are the features of this new DRM? 

Laurent Le Meur is the CTO of EDRLab and spends most of his time working on establishing EDRLab a strong player in the European EPUB ecosystem. As a software engineer, he has played with media and technologies for the last 30 years; first at the Agence France Presse (news), then AlloCiné (movies and TV series), UniversCiné (VoD) and now in the publishing industry (books …  and more).

Laurette Uzan – Association Valentin Haüy

In a user-centered perspective, an accessible digital book is a book that the handicaped readers will read effectively. The compliance of the EPUB file is a prerequisite, but not sufficient: it is the whole user experience that is to be considered.
To see more clearly, let us focus on the current reading practices of disabled audiences.

Graduated in librarian field, Laurette Uzan works in accessible digital publishing. In 2012, she joined the association Valentin Haüy, in the service of dissemination of adapted books for disabled audiences prevented from reading, the Mediatheque Valentin Haüy. She is in charge of the physical distribution (development of a network of access points in public libraries) and of digital diffusion (digital platform Éole). She is in charge of the partnership policy at the national level, and participates in international cooperation actions (Médiathèque Valentin Haüy collaborates with the Accessible Book Consortium, Daisy Consortium, EDRLab, IFLA and Bookshare).

Paul Belfanti – Vice President Production, Manufacturing & Content Architecture at AscendLearning

EDUPUB: the What, the Why and  the Way Forward


Paul Belfanti is Vice President of Production, Manufacturing & Content Architecture for Ascend Learning and has held a variety of creative, production, and technology roles in a career spanning over 20 years. In 2009 he established the first team within Pearson fully focused on content standards development and deployment, which he led until 2016.

Paul is a member of the IDPF Board of Directors and was program co-chair of the first EDUPUB Workshop in October 2013. He remains active in the EDUPUB Alliance. He was chair of the BISG EDUPUB (aka EPUB for Education) work group that published “Getting Started with EDUPUB” in 2015.


Luc Audrain, Head of Digitalization Direction Innovation Hachette Livre

French publishers mobilize for native accessibility. This year, the group took up the subject of the natively accessible publishing to explore all aspects: reading experience, regulation, production, reporting.

Graduate from the Arts et Métiers engineering university, Luc Audrain has forged a deep knowledge of publishing technologies, working as a technical manager in several major French publishing houses.

Working for the Hachette Livre group for 16 years, now as Innovation Department expert, he is in charge of technological surveillance and supports publishing teams in their digital transition.

A member of the IDPF and W3C working groups, Luc Audrain contributes to the evolution of the EPUB standard and as part of several French and international book supply chain standardization organizations, participates in defining metadata specifications, particularly within EDItEUR for ONIX. Since 2014, he is leading the Normes & Standards working group in the Digital Committee of the French publishers association.

Magnus Rudolfsen, Bokbasen.

Many markets are seeing great growth in their audiobook sales. The Norwegian market is a mature audiobook market, with widespread adoption of downloadable audiobooks. Get insights into sales development, usage patterns, sales models and what Bokbasen considers the biggest challenges ahead.


Magnus Rudolfsen is the Product Manager of Distribution in Bokbasen AS, the main Norwegian ebook distributor. Magnus started out as an entrepreneur in the e-learning and technology industry, before moving into ebooks. He has been an important contributor in setting up the Norwegian book cloud across independent ebook retailers since 2008, as well as developing new solutions and business areas for e-content in the Nordic market.

Alexandre Lemaire

Alexandre Lemaire runs the Digital Cell of the Public Reading Service at the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. In this context, in March 2015, he launched the Lirtuel digital lending platform, thus making the Belgian public reading network the first major library network to enter the PNB project. He is also currently managing a digital warehouse project that will release ebooks free of rights. He is vice-president of Réseau Carel (and animator of the Digital Books Group), an association that promotes the development of digital resources in libraries and negotiates conditions for libraries in Switzerland, Belgium and France. Réseau Carel is a member of Readium and EDRlab and therefore encourages the development of the epub as well as the DRM LCP .

Harold Celms Publications Office of the European Union

Digital publishing as an EU communication tool: EPUB and beyond

The Publications Office of the European Union (OP) was an enthusiastic pioneer of publishing in the EPUB format and one of the early institutional publishers, launching systematic EPUB production – in some cases in 24 linguistic versions – in 2012. While EPUBs saw rapid acceptance and positive results among the various authoring institutions in terms of producing accessible EU publications, the format has been a disappointing experience in terms of discoverability by readers. This imbalance prompted the OP to invest in a set-up that would reconcile accessibility and discoverability in order to improve efficient and effective communication with citizens by moving to very successful trials with HTML5-based publications, evolving towards (packaged) web publications.


Harolds Celms is director of  the “Official Journals and Publications Production” directorate” at the Publications Office of the European Union.

Prior to his arrival at the Publications Office (from 2003 to 2010), he was responsible for trade and investment promotion in the Latvian Embassy in Paris as Economic Affairs Attaché, representing the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia. He previously worked extensively in Europe and the United States in the IT and management consulting sectors. He has a Master in Business Administration from Harvard Business School.

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