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What is Readium LCP ?

Readium LCP (for Licensed Content Protection) is an interoperable passphrase-based rights management solution, with support for different business models, including library lending with early return and loan extension. This is a simple but reliable solution for distributing protected content, based on rock solid encryption algorithms (AES-256) and classical PKI techniques.

Readium LCP is vendor-neutral and is based on a decentralized architecture, where no third party DRM provider gains access to user data, usage statistics or unencrypted ebook content.

The solution is minimally intrusive for the end-user, who doesn’t need to create a third party account, will not see his personal data processed by a third party, can read his ebook on any compatible device, even offline, can even share it with his family by sharing his personal passphrase. Rights-owners can still protect their content against over-sharing and revoke a license if it is used on too many devices.

Readium LCP is easy to integrate, thanks to the open-source software EDRLab has developed for client-side and server-side integration:

  1. client-side, as a library that is seamlessly added to the Readium SDK;
  2. server-side, as a multi-platform DRM server installed on an e-distributor platform.

Readium LCP is now ready for launch : for more information on the competitive cost model of the solution and how to be part of the Readium LCP ecosystem, please contact us now.

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