22 November 2022

Owner of the application

European Digital Reading Lab
14 rue Alexandre Parodi
75010 Paris

Types of data collected

The application does not collect Personal Data from its users.

The application sends two kinds of non-personal data to servers:

1/ Generic usage data: a notification is sent to an EDRLab telemery server each time the application is started. This information is for analytics only and not accessed by any third party. It is used to get information about the evolution of the number of installs of the application per operating system, the evolution of usage sessions and the main locales in use.

Parameters of such notification are:

  • a timestamp,
  • the version of Thorium Reader,
  • the operating system of the device and its version,
  • the locale of the application at the time it is started,
  • if this is the first start of Thorium Reader after a fresh install.

The IP address of the device is not stored along with the above information.

It is not possible to opt-out from this notification.

2/ Readium LCP DRM information: a notification is sent to an LCP Server each time a protected publication is open. This is required by the LCP specification for checking if the license of use of the publication has been updated. There is not centralized LCP Server, each server is operated by the distributor of the protected publication acquired by the user.

Parameters of such notification are:

  • a device identifier, automatically generated at the install of the application.
  • a device name, automatically generated at the install of the application.

The codebase of Thorium Reader is open-sourced and can therefore be fully inspected, with the exception of a small software library used as core for the Readium LCP DRM, which does not store or send any data.


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