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logo of Thorium Reader Thorium Reader is the EPUB reader of choice for Windows 10, MacOS and Linux.

This EDRLab application is in constant development and aims at becoming a reference for accessing EPUB 3 publications in reflow or fixed layout format, audiobooks and visual narratives, LCP protected or not.

It is localized in a large set of languages, each version offering new languages.

Huge efforts are also made to get Thorium Reader highly accessible for visually impaired and dyslexic people.

This application is free, with no ads and no leaks of private data.

This is the perfect tools for heavy readers, library patrons and students.

Download Thorium Reader

The latest version of Thorium Reader is 1.7.2, released in September 2021.

Here are links to:

For testers willing to check our latest developments, nightly builds of the Windows 10, MacOS and Linux versions can also be downloaded from the Readium Github platform.

Please Donate for Thorium Reader

The application is 100% free for its users, but its development is costly for a non-profit development laboratory. We believe that the companies which deploy Thorium Reader and the publishers which want a real alternative to proprietary solutions should help developing and maintaining this application.

You can help us financially, as a “one-shot”, by offering 1000 € to EDRLab for the development of the next features.

Thorium Reader 1000 € Donation Page

Why developing Thorium Reader?

Until now there was no modern EPUB 3 compliant reading application usable on Windows, OSX and Linux, properly accessible for print disabled people, with a good support for the LCP DRM and capable of browsing OPDS catalogs.

EDRLab decided to build such an application and release it for free, in order to provide users a great way to enjoy on a large screen EPUB publications, comics / manga / bandes dessinées, audiobooks, LCP protected PDF documents.

Print disabled people now benefit from an EPUB 3 reading app which supports screen readers like Jaws and NVDA on Windows, Voice Over on Mac.


Thorium Reader is based on the set of open-source chrome-less modules, a toolkit named Readium Desktop. Thorium Reader and Readium Desktop both rely on Electron.js, node.js and typescript, which are efficient cross-platform technologies. Thorium is also using React components based on HTML 5/CSS 3.

Media coverage

Introducing Thorium, a new free desktop EPUB reader for Windows and Mac, 24th Annual Accessing Higher Ground, November 2019, speakers Richard Orme (CEO) and George Kerscher (Chief Innovations Officer), DAISY Consortium.

Thorium Reader, une application de lecture pour Windows, macOS et Linux, January 2020, Actualitté.

Le logiciel de lecture d’ePub pour Windows MacOS et Linux, Thorium Reader, est disponible, March 2020,

L’application Thorium Reader peut désormais lire les livres audio., April 2020, Actualitté.

Thorium Reader is a free cross-platform eBook reading app, May 2021, GoodEReader.

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