EDRLab is working on the deployment of a new DRM called Readium LCP, that we intend to launch at the end of 2016. You’ll find more information on Readium LCP here.

EDRLab would like to receive feedback on what potential users of Readium LCP perceive as fair licensing fees.

Those fees will enable EDRLab to administrate the Readium LCP ecosystem, check the compliance of every Readium LCP implementation with the specification and therefore guarantee interoperability inside the ecosystem, help for the maintenance of the open-source code that is provided to ease implementations. In brief licensing fees will guarantee a long life to Readium LCP.

The information we will receive via this survey will stay private.
If you don’t mind giving your organization’s name, please fill the free text field in question 1; this is optional and we won’t consider that your organization is tied by your answers in any way.

The Readium LCP License Fee Structure Survey is here


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