The Stockholm Public Library is the largest library in Stockholm county, and most probably the largest in Sweden. It is counting 450,000 patrons and is present in more than 40 locations throughout the city.

The Library currently handles about 20,000 ebooks including16,000 in EPUB format, the remaining part still being in PDF. Most of these ebooks are in Swedish language, but the library plans to expand its catalog with ebooks in other languages for expatriates living in Stockholm.

By implementing a digital loan solution, the desire of Stockholm librarians was to create a complete offer, allowing everyone to borrow easily, including people who do not necessarily have the time to go to the library. It was also to make young people love reading by the promotion of “fun” reading.

There are several reasons why Stockholm Public Library decided to adopt Readium LCP:

  • The availability of open-source software,
  • An interesting licensing model,
  • The preservation of ebook accessibility (for visual impaired people),
  • User independence from third parties (i.e. avoid the Adobe account issue).

The development team particularly appreciated the support of the EDRLab team during the implementation of the solution.

The Stockholm Public Library also developed an LCP compliant mobile application called Bibblix (see our previous post), which is targeting children between 6 to 12 years. A few months ago, the Library offered Bibblix to a nation wide non profit organisation named Sambruk. As a result, 24 Swedish municipalities are now proposing the Bibblix service to their young patrons.


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