4th Digital Publishing Meetings at Plaine Images

Organized jointly by the Regional Center of Letters and the Book, the association of North and Pas de Calais publishers, the PILEn (Book inter Partnership and digital publishing), Plaine Image hosted the 4th edition of Digital Publishing Meetings.

The focus has been on booksellers and librarians, but also certain sectors such as the audio book, comics or the brother-book. The opportunity to gather for one day of very different players but which share ownership of the digital without denying their expertise.

Cyril Labordrie spoke at the roundtable “booksellers, librarians, and digital reading; the new fields of digital game ” to present the work of EDRLab on DRM LCP.

The program

Roundtables: booksellers, librarians, and digital reading; The new fields of digital game
Workshops: Paper / video game competition or enrichment; Libraries changing; Mounting digital project and co-published manual
Area Networking: Interact with project leaders and expand your professional network! (With Wallimage, and Pictanovo Plaine Images)
Showcase: A space between exhibition and showroom to see the achievements of the various stakeholders of the day. Understand the underdogs of digital books through creative and innovative and inspirational achievements!

Many contacts were made during the day, this was a new opportunity to measure the expectation aroused by the DRM LCP under development within EDRLab.


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