Thorium Reader is the free desktop EPUB reader published by EDRLab. It can be installed on Windows, MacOS and Linux and it is the perfect all-in-one reading application for casual or heavy readers, library patrons and students. And its codebase is open-source.

This new version includes new features, improvements and bug fixes, notably the following user-oriented features:

  • Added Korean and Swedish translations
  • Updated Chinese and Portuguese translations
  • Added TTS voice selection and better support of TTS on SVG figures
  • Fixes on OPDS, DAISY, MathML, PDF support.

It also includes a major refactoring of the internal database, which is transparent to its users.

You’ll find detailed release notes and download packages here. If you are using Windows 10, you can download Thorium Reader from the Windows Store and benefit from automatic updates.

EDRLab is looking for sponsors for the development of Thorium Reader; you can easily help via Github Sponsors or by becoming an EDRLab member.  Let’s make this application the best reading app ever.


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