The Readium development community is pleased to announce the release of 0.25. This release was pushed 2 February 2017.

This release, 0.25, has one significant feature in the Chrome App and number of minor improvements in both the Chrome App and Cloud Reader – as well as a large number of bug fixes.

The new feature in the Chrome Extension is the capability and UI to allow users to change the font-face  for a given document. In particular the OpenDyslexic font is now an option as well as a sans-serif font and a serif font. There is no capability for users to add new fonts.  The CloudReader has the same feature to allow users to change fonts, plus a few more available (web) fonts.

In the SDK, the primary change in the SDK is addition of support for XCode 8. We also exposed more metadata via the JNI layer in the Java version. We also eliminated a potential security hole related to XML Entity declarations. Finally, there were a number of bug fixes as well.

The complete release notes are here and the release notes history is here.

The new build of the Chrome App has been pushed to the Chrome store here. (Now at 700,000 weekly users!)

Many thanks to Daniel Weck (EDRLab and Readium senior developer) and all the other contributors for making the release possible.


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