Arta Tech is the developer and manufacturer of  the inkBOOK E-Ink readers. The company is based in Poland, which is a new proof that EDRLab, as a European association, is taking ground outside of its french cradle.

We asked Pawel Horbaczewski, President of Arta Tech, what were his current challenges and why becoming member of EDRLab was useful for his company. Here are his answers:

“It is a challenging task for Arta Tech to keep the inkBOOK e-reader platform easy to use and to integrate in any bookseller or e-book service worldwide. It requires from the Arta Tech team the ability to maintain an efficient operating system, take care of a seamless content delivery and provide a great user experience in an Android E-Ink environment. It also requires adopting cutting edge native e-reading solutions, which includes support for multiple DRM standards.

To face this challenge, Arta Tech wants to actively participate is the development of the Readium software development kit: EPUB 3 support is crucial for our development projects, which include the support of right-to-left languages and a better accessibility of e-book by people with disabilities. inkBOOK has always been a tool for breaking barriers between cultures, disabilities and provide easy access to E-Ink technology to all businesses.

Synergies with the EDRLab projects could greatly increase effectiveness and performance of those projects.”


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