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The pandemic which is currently shaking the world is triggering deep changes in the way the cultural industry, and the publishing industry in particular, are functioning. A digital ocean is rising, which may well not flow back. As a consequence, the digital innovations discussed at the Digital Publishing Summit during the past few years have great chances to become mainstream; our community must therefore proceed in learning and partnering during these difficult times, with a focus on the effects of the pandemic on the publishing industry.

The two days of conferences, panels, workshops and meetups we had since 2016 are this year transformed into a set of “à la carte” online interactions, in partnership with FGSR, IPDA and FANDE, the organizers of Readmagine in Madrid.

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The online event will be followed by the creation of three working groups, which will target the publication of position papers and visual prototypes on each of three selected areas :

  • Human & Consumption Trends. Mapping the next scenario
  • The creative industries: Role of the publishing industry and policymaking after the Covid-19.
  • The content industries after the Covid-19. Which are the new business models likely to succeed?

A second part of Readmagine 2020 and the Digital Publishing Summit 2020, called the Boutique Edition, is planned during the last week of November in Madrid, subject to the possibility to travel in Europe during the fall. This one- or two-days meetup will be the opportunity to conclude on the position papers written during the debrief sessions, and to participate in hands-on workshops on software and tools presented during the online sessions.


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