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A new version of the Vivlio software is now available for all recent Vivlio e-readers, and it is fully LCP compliant. Vivlio is using internally its CARE DRM (which is a cousin of LCP), and has added an interoperable LCP support for helping library patrons borrowing EPUB and PDF ebooks from digital libraries. Doing that, Vivlio opens its e-readers to content from multiple sources, libraries for sure, but also any bookstore providing LCP as a simple DRM. Good bye, Adobe account and ADE software.

This is an important moment: it’s one more step towards the common objective of EDRLab and Vivlio, to provide users with a comfortable purchase and a fluid digital reading experience without technical barriers. One more step towards the democratization of digital books in all readers’ practices.

I updated my Inkpad 3 reader. I downloaded a book under LCP. And… I’m reading it now. Great job. A real breakthrough, perfect ease of use.

Stéphane DUMAS
Librarian in charge of digital development, Ardèche, France

Note that Bookeen e-readers also support LCP. The next step is to convince Kobo to do so: Kobo users, it is your call, ask for it publicly.

Press (fr): Vivlio désormais compatible avec le format open source LCP

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  1. Alexander 2 years ago

    We need OverDrive on board too, for public libraries in the US!

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