The Publishing@W3C Business Group (i.e. the ex-IDPF business people) has just proposed for review and validation the draft charter for the new Publishing Working Group, which will study the evolution of EPUB 3, which may take the name of PWP (Portable Web Publications) and EPUB 4 (viewed as a profile of PWP for use as direct evolution of EPUB 3 for the publishing industry).

This charter is setting the scope of the WG work, what technical people will and won’t study and decide on. As the WG will mix people from the publishing industry and people from the Web industry, setting rules and limits is important, therefore you should have a look at it (this is a short paper).

What’s next? the Public can make comments and the W3C members may request some modifications, which will be treated by the Business Group, so the charter can be approved by W3C members after a month. The timeline is such that the working group should then be able to start at the end of May or early June.

Here is the original announcement

Today W3C Advisory Committee Representatives received a Proposal
to review a draft charter for the Publishing Working Group:

As part of ensuring that the community is aware of proposed work
at W3C, this draft charter is public during the Advisory
Committee review period.

W3C invites public comments through 2017-05-14 on the
proposed charter. Please send comments to, which has a public archive:

Other than comments sent in formal responses by W3C Advisory
Committee Representatives, W3C cannot guarantee a response to
comments. If you work for a W3C Member [1], please coordinate
your comments with your Advisory Committee Representative. For
example, you may wish to make public comments via this list and
have your Advisory Committee Representative refer to it from his
or her formal review comments.

If you should have any questions or need further information, please
contact Ivan Herman, Publishing Strategist and Team Contact (,
or Bill McCoy, Publishing Champion, at


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