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The Readium development community is pleased to announce the release of 0.30. This release was pushed to master and the Chrome store on 8 March 2018.

This release is one significant fix for the Chrome app and some minor updates:

  • A regression bug was fixed that caused the reader’s place in the book to be not restored properly when the book was re-opened.
  • The licenses in the SDK have been changed from GNU-Affero to BSD-3-Clause
  • Additional fixes and improvements to the Hypothes.is support in the Readium CloudReader
  • Updating the Android support in the SDK to the latest releases for Android tooling and the NDK
  • A number of minor bug fixes across the various modules (please see detailed release notes here)

The tag for this release is 0.30 on GitHub.

Improvements and Enhancements in this Release

readium-shared-js and readium-cfi-js
A number of improvements to navigation and layout.

Chrome App
Includes a fix to correctly restore the user’s reading place in the book.  This was primarily a Windows bug but also occurred on Mac in some conditions.

Readium Cloud Reader
Minor bug fixes to navigation with the Hypothes.is plugin.

Note that the Hypothes.is support is ONLY available in the CloudReader version of ReadiumJS.  It is NOT available in the Readium Chrome app.  We regret this, but it is simply not feasible to implement that functionality within the Google Chrome app framework

The licenses for all the source code have been changed from GNU-Affero to BSD 3–Clause.

The  source code for 0.30 has been pushed to master.

The master branch of the repos have all been tagged with 0.30.

A new build of the CloudReader is here.

A new  build of the Chrome App is here

The new build of the Chrome App has been pushed to the Chrome store here.

The detailed 0.30 release notes have been updated here.

The Readium release notes have been updated for 0.30 and preview of 0.31.

Thanks and Acknowledgements
Many thanks to Ric Wright and Daniel Weck for toiling through the tedious release process.  And many thanks to Daniel, Juan and Evident Point and all the other contributors for making the release possible.


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