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New certified solutions

Several new LCP solutions are now part of the Readium LCP network:

  • EditionGuard (USA) provides hosted ebook distribution services to publishers, universities, professional trainers etc. EPUB ebooks can be protected by LCP as an alternative to the Adobe DRM they’ve originally provided to their customers. Read why on their website : https://www.editionguard.com/learn/readium-lcp-offering/
  • Rally Reader (USA) provides an innovative AI-powered service which aims at improving children’s reading skills: its iOS app hears them read ebooks, identifies errors, and tracks accuracy on a word-by-word basis. EPUB ebooks from multiple publishers are protected by LCP. Their website is https://www.rallyreader.com/, where you’ll find a video introduction to the service.
  • MLOL (Italy) is releasing its LCP compliant iOS, Android and Desktop applications, based on the Readium Mobile and Desktop toolkits and the Thorium Reader application. LCP support for PDF ebooks being an important matter for MLOL, they have decided to participate to the fundraising related to the support of PDF in Thorium. LCP protected ebooks will be provided by Edigita.
  • Baobab (France) is the official iOS / Android application developed for the French global e-lending service named PNB. A new version has just been released, which is based on the Readium Mobile toolkit. The previous version was already LCP compliant, but based on the older Readium SDK. Olivier Körner, Art Book Magazine CTO and the main developer of the Baobab app, told EDRLab he was very happy about the better page rendering and performances of the new Readium toolkit.
  • CVS Ma Médi@thèque (France) provides a multimedia offer with VoD, music, press and ebook services. The new version of its iOS / Android app is LCP compliant and relies on the Readium Mobile toolkit for the ebook reading module. Users can therefore read inside the CVS app ebooks borrowed from PNB.

Several other solutions, in different countries, are currently under development and may be certified before the end of the year.

Pierre Demaison is active in supporting LCP integrators and prospects, don’t hesitate to contact him if you have any question about LCP deployments.

LCP is now an ISO Technical Specification!

The LCP specification has been published on the ISO website as ISO TS 23078-2, which makes it a very stable DRM technology and an appealing standard, especially for Asian solution providers.

People must pay to read this document, but we have asked if – as it is already freely available on the Readium website (1) and (2) – it could be also freely accessible on the ISO website.

LCP User Conference in 2021?

We’re thinking about organizing an LCP User Conference in early 2021, where LCP solution providers and LCP prospects would be able to present their usages of the technology, exchange views and discuss its future.

Please contact us if you are interested by such initiative.


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