EDRLab is much more than a development laboratory: it is a community of practice for the publishing industry, in Europe and around the world.

Why should I become a member?

Here a some reasons:
  • Help the Lab:
    • working on an open ebook ecosystem in Europe (take it as a protection against the monopoly of proprietary platforms),
    • developing open-source software as part of the Readium project,
    • promoting ebook accessibility,
    • developing Readium LCP, a user-friendly DRM especially useful for e-lending,
    • participating in the evolution of EPUB, as a W3C member:
      • to get feedback on what the W3C Publishing WG is working on,
      • to present your ideas to the W3C Publishing WG via EDRLab,
  • Participate to EDRLab Working Groups (BDComicsManga, LCP evolutions …)
  • Network, create business partnerships with other industry members, develop expert resource contracts,
  • Provide strategic direction, new perspectives and your specific use cases by:
    • giving advice on prospective open source projects and other undertakings of EDRLab that may be submitted to the membership for approval,
    • participating to EDRLab Board of Director elections,
    • running and serve on the EDRLab Board of Directors,
  • Attend the Digital Publishing Summit Europe at discounted member rates,
  • Participate to informative webinars and receive our newsletter (ok, it is not only for members).

How to Join

To become a member of EDRLab, the only requirement is to have an activity in relationship with the object of the Association.

Standard member dues are calculated from their annual gross revenue and size. The current due structure is as follows:

Characteristics of the organization Member dues (tax excl.)
Non-profit organization with budget lower than 2 M€ 500 €
Company with revenue lower than 2 M€ and less than 20 employees 500 €
Non-profit organization with budget larger than 2 M€; Major academic partner member 1000 €
Company with revenue between 2 and 10 M€ and less than 50 employees 1000 €
Company with revenue between 10 and 50 M€ and less than 250 employees 1800 €
Company with revenue larger than 50 M€ or more than 250 employees 3000 €
Membership organization with less than 50 members 4000 €
Membership organization with more than 50 members 7000 €
Major industrial partner member 20000 €
Membership becomes effective on the date of payment of the membership dues. Payment options currently include bank transfer, credit card, Paypal or chèque (in France). First year dues are payable at time of application.

Online payment

EDRLab members can pay their due online via a Credit Card (we are using Stripe).

Membership request

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