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Any organisation interested in the wide adoption of open standards for the publishing industry (especially EPUB 3) and related open-source technologies can become a member of EDRLab.

Membership organizations

Officio members

Publishers and publishing groups

  • Editis (France): one of the largest publishing group in France. EDRLab founding member.
  • Hachette Livre (France): one of the largest publishing group in France and the world. EDRLab founding member.
  • HarperCollins (USA): one of the largest publishing group.
  • Madrigall (France): one of the largest publishing group in France. EDRLab founding member.
  • Media-Participations (France): one of the largest publishing group in France. EDRLab founding member.

ebook distributors

  • Bokbasen (Norway): the ebook distributor in Norway.
  • Bookwire (Germany): the largest ebook distributor in Germany.
  • De Marque (Canada): the largest ebook distributor in Canada.
  • Eden Livre (France): a large ebook distributor in France.
  • (Spain) : provider of digital publishing solutions (e-book creation, global distribution, ONIX metadata generator, accessibility specialists)
  • Gardners Books (United-Kingdom): the largest book wholesaler in the UK, and large ebook distributor.
  • Immatériel (France): a large ebook distributor in France.
  • Numilog (France): a large ebook distributor in France.

Providers of publishing services

  • Isako (France): specialized in structured page layout and EPUB production.
  • e-Dantès (France): ebook diffuser; B&B agent linking publishers and e-bookstores.
  • Electre Data Services (France): provides a bibliographic database of all books produced in France.
  • Elibri (Poland): active in Poland and in Ukraine, provides different services to publishers: book database, watermark ebook files, run a clearance system for distributors and publishers. Elibri is building a book lending system for Ukrainian libraries.
  • (Spain) : provider of digital publishing solutions (e-book creation, global distribution, ONIX metadata generator, accessibility specialists)
  • Flexedo (France) specialized in structured page layout and EPUB production (cf post).
  • Firebrand Technologies / NetGalley (USA): helps publishers and authors promote digital review copies to book advocates and industry professionals.
  • Pixellence (France): specialized in structured page layout and EPUB production.

Technology providers

  • Art Book Magazine (France): the company behind LISA Reader, one of the first reading apps having supported the LCP DRM.
  • Bibliopresto (Canada): a non-profit organization in Quebec that supports libraries by offering them digital tools and services (cf post).
  • Bluefire (USA): the company which is behind Bluefire Reader, a well-known EPUB reader in the USA. Note that for now, Bluefire Reader does not rely on the Readium toolkits and does not support the LCP DRM.
  • Dilicom (France): the hub by which book orders flow through in France; Dilicom also manages the B2B exchanges related to the national ebook lending solution Prêt Numérique en Bibliothèque.
  • ePagine (France): a French e-bookstore ( that also operates, an e-bookstore shared by multiple independent booksellers.
  • Fênix Tecnologias Educacionais (Brazil): an education technology and services company. (cf post)
  • Firsty Group (United-Kingdom): a company that distributes a large volume of EPUB in the UK and develops white-labeled Readium-based reading applications for multiple publishers.
  • Icontact BV (Netherlands): the developer of a watermark solution for EPUB.
  • inkBOOK (Poland): a developer of e-ink Readers and Readium-based mobile applications that support the LCP DRM.
  • ISI (France): a company developing backend tools for creating accessible fixed-layout EPUBs (mainly textbooks) from PDF files.
  • Mantano (France): the company behind the Bookari mobile reading application.
  • Nord Compo (France): a company offering multiple publishing services, with a large EPUB expertise. Nord Compo can develop custom Readium-based mobile reading applications, with LCP support.
  • Notion Wave (Canada): its flagship product, KNiTO ( is a complete EPUB 3 authoring, publishing, sales, and reader solution. KNiTO Store is a dedicated EPUB 3 book shop.
  • RNP (Brazil): Rede Nacional de Ensino e Pesquisa is a non-profit organization which operates and develops the national advanced networking infrastructure, known as the Ipê network, for cooperation and communication in education, research, health and culture. RNP is also operating the deployment of the LCP DRM for the Brazilian PNLD program, which will soon provide ebooks to millions of students in Brazil.
  • Vivlio (France): an ebook and audiobook distributor and developer of technical solutions for ebook distribution, including e-readers, desktop and mobile applications.
  • Web 2 Market (USA): provides e-commerce solutions for small and medium-sized publishers, primarily using the Magento and Shopify platforms, making it easy and affordable to sell online.

Booksellers / retailers / content portals

  • Arte France Développement (France): a department of Arte France, that operates ebooks e-lending solutions for public libraries.
  • Beletrina (Slovenia): a Slovenian publishing house, retailer, book distributor and technical service provider.
  • (USA): an online bookstore with a mission to financially support local, independent bookstores.
  • (France): The ambition of is to help publishing houses, organizations or associations in charge of French-speaking humanities publications to manage the coexistence of paper and digital formats.
  • Casalini Libri (Italy) (cf post): one of the leading suppliers of publications from across Southern Europe to libraries and institutions worldwide.
  • Eden Ecommerce (United-Kingdom): a supplier of religious ebooks.
  • Ellibs (Finland): an e-bookstore operating in Finland. Ellibs is moving its solution to LCP.
  • KReader Pvt (Sri Lanka): the only digital bookstore in Sri Lanka.
  • Léanova (France): a Culture and Education kiosk featuring EPUB 3 publications.
  • YouScribe (France): an online ebook and audiobook retailer, with a subscription service active in France and in 11 African countries.

Public or private libraries

  • Bibliothèque nationale de France (France): the National Library of France.
  • Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Netherlands): the National Library of the Netherlands.
  • MediaLibraryOnline (MLOL) (Italy): the biggest ebook and audiobook e-lending service in Italy.
  • Réseau Carel (France): the network of skills and exchanges in France and Belgium, in the field of electronic documentation for public libraries.
  • Shanghai Library (China): the library of Shanghai is the second largest public library in China.
  • Zagreb City Libraries (Croatia): the central library for all public and school libraries in the Zagreb County, and the biggest institution among public libraries in Croatia.

Associations, libraries and companies specialised in accessibility services

  • Association Valentin Haüy (France): for the last 130 years, the AVH has offered multiple services to people with reading disabilities.
  • Bibliothèque Sonore Romande (Switzerland): a non-profit organisation which provides audiobooks to people with reading disabilities.
  • CELA (Canada): The Centre for Equitable Library Access is a national non-profit organisation established by Canadian public libraries to champion the fundamental right of Canadians with print disabilities to access media and reading materials in the format of their choice.
  • Fondazione LIA (Italy): the LIA Foundation promotes books and reading in all its traditional and digital forms, through education, information, awareness-raising and research activities, guaranteeing the fundamental principles: accessibility , integration and sociality .
  • Mobidys (France): Mobidys adapts ebooks to the needs of dyslexic people, using its FROG EPUB extension.
  • NLB (Norway): the Norwegian Library of Talking Books and Braille (NLB) produces and lends out talking books and braille books.
  • NNELS (Canada): the National Network for Equitable Library Service (NNELS) is a repository of content owned and sustained by Canadian public libraries.
  • NOTA (Denmark): Nota is an institution under the Ministry of Culture of Denmark, which makes printed text available in digital formats.

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