Since 2016, EDRLab has been organizing international conferences focusing on digital publishing. All sessions have been recorded and are available on our Youtube channel.

You can find in the following pages a detail of all sessions, speakers with slides and links to the recordings.

Wrapup of the 2023 event, which was held online.

Wrapup of the 2022 event, in Madrid, at the Casa Del Lector.

Wrapup of the 2020 event, which was held online.

Wrapup of the 2019 event, in Paris, at the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

Wrapup of the 2018 event, in Berlin, at the StreeSpeicher.

Wrapup of the 2017 event, in Brussels, at the Royal Library of Belgium.

Wrapup of the 2016 event, in Bordeaux, at the Librairie Mollat.

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