One of the common objectives of the actors of the digital book industry is to facilitate access to e-books by using a technology other than the restrictive power of Adobe DRM. Mantano decided to implement alternative DRM LCP and to share the source code to the Readium community. The main goal is to lead to an emergence of a more open e-book market.

LCP (Lightweight Content Protection) is a standard for eBooks protection under developed by IDPF and the Readium Foundation. The main LCP focus to improve approval of use and promote interoperability between digital book distribution ecosystems. Designed to be used in the context of book sales through online bookstores, it is also particularly easy to use for readers. It is important to know that LCP has no limit for usable devices.

Because of the strong interest for LCP from many publishers and libraries, Mantano decided on the 10th of December 2015, to provide to the Foundation Readium its own implementation source code. A multi-platform software component (the “LCP Library Client”) is now freely available, an example of integration in Readium SDK iOS demo application of Readium is also available. After this first major step, Mantano will continue its development efforts on LCP.

This action falls is part of the recent creation of the European Digital Reading Lab (EDRLab) “Headquarters of the IDPF and Readium” in Europe ( -readium-opening-european-headquarters-in-paris), based in Paris. EDRLab is supported by many European book industry stakeholders. With this Open Source contribution Mantano wanted to express its support to this new structure and contribute to a major step, one of the missions of EDRLab is to set-up the necessary infrastructure for LCP operation. We hope that many reading application vendors will integrate these software component quickly to accelerate the adoption of this newly created standard.


Mantano is a French startup specialized in development of ultra-customizable reading applications and offers its cloud solution with innovative complementary services. Mantano works with major players in the global e-book industry as a solution provider, but also as an advisor to larger publishers and the largest libraries of the world. Readium Foundation founding member, Mantano is involved in its promotion and in its developments including Readium SDK. Jean-Marie Geffroy, Mantano president, Readium Foundation board member. Longstanding contributor Mantano integrates Readium SDK within its applications, and actively contribute to the new functionalities.

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