Did you experience issues debugging your Android app linked to the Readium SDK, not being able to plug C++ breakpoints? Well, this is now a passed nightmare….”

EDRLab is pleased to announce that SDK Launcher source code has been upgraded to work with Android Studio development tools. This major update will enable developers to put breakpoints in C++ and java code at the same time. Since Google decided to stop support for Eclipse development tool, EDRLab decide to provide to the Readium Community a new efficient development pipeline. You need to download Android Studio preview 2.0 to compile SDK Launcher Android.

Many contributors have been working on compiling SDK Launcher with Android Studio development tool. Work on the latest improvement was led by Cyrille Lebeaupin , EDRLab Lead Developer. Cyrille Lebeaupin has joined EDRLab in the beginning of 2016. the feature branch can be found at :


The near-term roadmap for Readium SDK includes continuing to increase conformance to the EPUB specifications, enhancing documentation, DRM LCP integration on all platform.



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