The latest version of Thorium Reader is 2.1.0, released in August 2022.

This version features:

  • Added support of the “API App” Dilicom library connector (allows the easy synchronization of ebooks borrowed in multiple French public libraries).
  • Fixed French, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal) and Swedish localisations. In each “About Thorium” section, users find a link to a substantive Thorium user guide).
  • New “telemetry” feature, an anonymous system information sent to EDRLab server on application startup. It was needed for getting basic information about the number of instances of Thorium installed and used on different platforms. No leak of user info.
  • Fixed reader window menus which were not closed automatically when switching to fullscreen.
  • Fixed README documentation, updated supported languages.

Download links are found in the page dedicated to the Thorium Reader application.

Read  a (French) post describing how simple it is to synchronize ebooks borrowed in a public library supporting the “API App” protocol. This feature was announced previously in this post, which gives details about API App and the project sponsor.



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