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The Readium development community is pleased to announce the release of 0.31. This release was pushed to master and the Chrome store on 20 September 2018.

NOTE: This is the final release of the Readium Chrome app as Google has deprecated the Chrome app framework and may disable it entirely at any time (no schedule is available from Google). In addition, work is continuing to ramp up on Readium Mobile, Readium Desktop and now on Readium Web as well. In consequence, Readium is now viewing the work on “Readium 1” (I.e. Readium JS and Readium SDK) as “maintenance mode”. We will fix high priority bugs (crash, data loss) but no new features are planned. If anyone has concerns or objections to this, please contact Laurent Le Meur or Ric Wright.

The tag for this release is 0.31 on GitHub.

Improvements and Enhancements in this Release

readium-shared-js and readium-cfi-js

A number of changes as part of the changes to move to Readium-Web. In general, these will not be perceptible to end-users.

Chrome App

This is the FINAL release of the Readium Chrome app. Google has deprecated the Chrome app framework and already changed the underlying framework (e.g. scripting rules) such that most JavaScript interaction fails. This new release (0.31) warns users (via a modal dialog) that this will be the final release of the Chrome app and they should find a new app for their eBooks. The dialog has a link to the page on readium.org with all the Readium-based apps.

Readium Cloud Reader

A number of minor fixes and changes to the build processes. Not visible to end-users.


No significant changes in this release.


The source code for 0.31 has been pushed to master. The master branch of the repos have all been tagged with 0.31.


A new build of the CloudReader is here.
A new  build of the Chrome App is here
The new build of the Chrome App has been pushed to the Chrome store here.
The release notes have been updated here.


The release notes have been updated for 0.31 and preview of 0.32-alpha.

Release 0.32-alpha

The develop branch is now tagged as 0.32-alpha. No ETA for its release is yet available. As noted above, we will only push 0.32 if and when we have sufficiently pressing bug fixes that need to be pushed.

Thanks and Acknowledgements

Many thanks to Daniel Weck for toiling through the tedious release process. And many thanks to Daniel, Juan, Evident Point and all the other contributors for making the release possible.


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