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Certified reading apps

Lis-a iOS and Android (Art Book Magazine)

Lis-a, the universal reading application for iOS developed by Art Book Magazine, was the first Readium LCP compliant application on the Apple AppStore. It has now an Android sibling, also compliant with Readium LCP.

Lis-a iOS is an iPad/iPhone application. It is built upon the original Readium SDK (Readium “1”), reads EPUB 2, EPUB 3 fixed layout and reflowable publications, even PDF files.

Art Book Magazine is a French company and digital bookstore focusing on “arty” publications; ABM ismember of EDRLab.

See also our post on the release of Lis-a.

Download links: iOS (US), iOS (Fr)

Baobab iOS and Android (Dilicom)

Baobab is an application dedicated to the French Prêt Numérique en Bibiliothèque (PNB) market. PNB is the main e-lending platform in France, with thousands of public libraries already connected.

Baobab has been developed by Dilicom, with the help of the expertise of Art Book Magazine. Public Library patrons will soon be able to use it for accessing Readium LCP protected ebooks in any public library in France.

Baobab is a free app, available for iOS and Android. It is built upon the original Readium SDK (Readium “1”), reads EPUB 2, EPUB 3 fixed layout and reflowable publications, and even PDF files.

Dilicom is an interprofessional service which facilitates the development of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the French commercial book sector; Dilicom is member of EDRLab.

Download links:  iOS (Fr)

LEA Reader Android and iOS (Adilibre)

LEA Reader is the new reading application for Android and iOS, developed by Adilibre,  the technical subsidiary of Albin Michel, a large French publisher.

The application is using the expertise of Nordsoft, developer of a reading engine based on the Readium “1” SDK. Nordsoft is a member of EDRLab.

See also our post on the release of LEA Reader Android.

Certified license servers

TEA (The ebook alternative)

TEA is a French company which provides technical solutions to e-distributors; member of EDRLab since 2015, and since 2018 member of the board of EDRLab.

TEA has developed a Readium LCP license server in Saas mode, under the brand CARE, used in France and Germany (by Divibib Onleihe; related post fr).

The solution developed by TEA is 100% LCP compliant, with the addition of a feature which allows a reading application developed by TEA to fetch automatically the passphrase of a publication, if this publication is served from a TEA-powered retail server and if the user is authenticated on this server. In all other cases, the passphrase of a publication served by a TEA server is (currently) the user email address on the TEA server, as reflected by the passphrase hint.


ePagine is a French distribution platform of independent booksellers, and member of EDRLab. ePagine was the first to launch a production grade Readium LCP license server, in February 2018.

You can access the platform on and test LCP by downloading free protected ebooks (in July 2018, several Bandes Dessinées from Valérian are proposed for test, for free)

Note that this license server is based on the readium-lcp-server open-source codebase EDRLab has developed for easing the integration of Readium LCP in distribution platforms.

De Marque Cantook Hub

De Marque is a Canadian company, which provides technical solutions to e-distributors and public libraries in different countries; it is also a member of EDRLab.

Cantook Hub, the distribution platform for digital books from De Marque, is now Readium LCP certified. This opens the way to the distribution of Readium LCP protected EPUB files in every distribution platform operated by Cantook servers.

This is the case for Eden Livres in France. This will soon be also the case for Lirtuel in Belgium. Lirtuel is the e-lending library portal of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, which groups 350 francophone public libraries.

They will soon be LCP Certified


FBReader is a popular reading application, available on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and soon MacOSX.

The new MacOSX application  is currently tested by EDRLab for Readium LCP compliance.  The developer of FBReader expects to adopt Readium LCP in the whole product line.

OPENs (DRM Inside)

DRM Inside is a Korean company which develop protection SDKs for EPUB publications.

Their OPENs application is a test application demonstrating the capabilities of their Readium LCP client SDK. It was first demonstrated during the 2017 EPUB Summit, in Brussels, using the LCP test (a.k.a “basic”) profile.

The application is currently tested by EDRLab for Readium LCP compliance with the production profile (a.k.a. “1.0”).


Numilog is a French distribution platform, and member of EDRLab.

Numilog is currently developing a Readium LCP license server based on the readium-lcp-server open-source codebase released by EDRLab.


Immatériel is a French distribution platform, and member of EDRLab.

Immatériel is currently developing a Readium LCP license server.

Other Readium projects


The major evolution of the Readium SDK codebase, the objectives being better performances and stability, clarity of source code and documentation.

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Readium SDK & JS

The reference EPUB 3 open-source reading engine for Web, desktop and mobile apps, on active maintenance by the Readium community.

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