FÊNIX EDITORIAL (web site) is a company recently created by 3 partners who already have a large experience in Editorial and Accessibility services. It is both a Publishing house and a Technology company.

They have been engaged since 2005 in the production of accessible publications for publishers in Brazil and have participated to different accessible projects in Latin America and have been working as consultants and trainers for ABC and the DAISY Consortium. In their history they have converted more than 1 million pages of complex textbooks to DAISY and EPUB3. They have also developed a Brazilian open source DAISY reader called DDReader, used all over Latin America and around the world.

They have now a new project for Public Schools in Brazil, which involves EPUB 3, Readium technologies and advanced accessibility features. They a willing to participate in the next steps toward a universally accessible publishing market and contribute to the development of Thorium Reader, LCP, and other solutions.

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