Day 1 – Wednesday 16th, May 2018


Session 1

Let’s start

Welcome, by Virginie Clayssen, President of EDRLab

Tribute to Pierre Danet, by Luc Audrain, Hachette Livre

Introduction, by Laurent Le Meur, CTO, EDRLab


Martijn Roelandse, Head of Publishing Innovation, Springer Nature – slides.

From the point of view of the readers

A concrete overview on how readers access and use different kinds of editorial contents, by using different devices and choosing among the various formats available.

Cristina Mussinelli, Italian Publishers Association / AIE – slides.


Coffee break


Session 2

Present and  future of Digital Publishing

The Tolino ecosystem

We often hear about this successful German initiative, and would like to know more about its business and technical details.

Hermann Eckel, Managing Director, tolino media

Getting to know audiences better

How can technology help solving this new publisher’s challenge: getting useful feedback from readers in a time when bookselling platforms replace human interaction?

Andrew Rhomberg, founder, JellyBooks – slideswhite-paper

Volker Oppmann, founder, mojoreads – slides

Konstantin Diener, CTO, Cosee /

Khalil Mouna, Gleeph



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Day 2 – Thursday 17th, May 2018


Session 3

Publishing workflows, Scholarly publishing

Integrating the Publishing Environment 

Is it possible to digitize most of the publishing industry processes (not only the editorial process)?

Michaela Philipzen, Head of Production, Ullstein Buchverlage GmbH

Alexander Markowetz, consultant

Scholarly publishing specificities

How does scholarly publishing move towards digital/Web based publishing?

Adam Hyde, co-founder Coko Foundation

Paul Groth, Disruptive Technology Director, Elsevier Labs

Jérémie Roche, International Development, Cairn


Coffee break


Session 4

Innovation in standards and technologies

W3C Digital Publishing activities

How goes the current work of the Publishing@W3C Working Group around Web Publications and EPUB 4?

Garth Conboy, co-chair of the W3C Publishing Working Group, Software Engineering manager, Google

EPUB in the browser

What are the benefits and challenges of building an EPUB client in a web browser? Is EPUB a good format for the browser? Hear about the journey of bringing EPUB to Microsoft Edge.

Ben Walters, principal Software Engineering Lead, Microsoft

Readium innovations

How goes the Readium project, and this major version called Readium-2, introduced last year at the EPUB Summit? Is there now a Readium desktop version? Will Web Publications be supported by Readium?

Aferdita Muriqi, EDRLab

Daniel Weck, EDRLab




Session 5

Protection, Accessibility

Readium LCP pops up 

Can we expect a real life deployment of Readium LCP in Europe this year? elsewhere?

David Dupré, CEO, TEA

Rémi Bauzac, CTO, TEA

Jean-Philippe Bougie, De Marque

Florent Souillot, Head of Digital, Eden Livres

EPUB 3, both mainstream AND accessible format

Will EPUB 3 be soon supported by the so called DAISY devices?

Stephan Knecht, CEO, Bones AG – slides

Accessibility standards and guidelines are essential, but not effective without proper implementation. Are there validation tools and processes which can enable the publishing industry in implementing accessibility with consistency and uniformity across diverse production processes?

Avneesh Singh, COO, Daisy Consortium


Coffee break


Session 6

Digitization, Preservation

Digitization of out of commerce books

How can a European country manage the mass digitization of out-of-commerce books from the XXth century?

Virginie Clayssen, Chief Innovation officer, Editis; President of EDRLab and  Sebastien Cretin, Digitalization manager, FeniXX – slides

Archival of digital publications

Which constraints should be applied to publications so that they can still be read in a century? Which technology shall be used for the discovery of preserved publications?

Maureen Pennock, Head of Digital Publishing at the British Library and Board Director of the Digital Preservation Coalition.

Ariane Bouchard, Project manager, BNF

Lars G. Svensson, Advisor for Knowledge Networking, Deutsche Nationalbibliothek

Closing Speech

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