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Accessible Backlist Europe Laboratory (ABELab)  is an 18-month research and development project funded by Creative Europe, led by The European Digital Reading Laboratory (EDRLab) in collaboration with Fondazione Libri Italiani Accessibili (LIA) and the National Library of the Netherlands (KB).

The main objective is to provide guidelines to European publishers for boosting the conversion of their currently on-sale ebooks into accessible formats. A complete description of the project can be found on the ABELab webpage. A short blog article on the internationalpublishers.org website is also available.

The first report on the project activities has been released as an article: A view of the European ebook backlist. It presents some insights into the data collected and analyzed. This works gives a view of the differences of complexities national markets are facing to make the backlist accessible.

These results and a view of the next step works have been presented at Digital Publishing 2023 video: Digging into the backlist issue: ABE Lab a research and developement project.


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